My name is Deéte. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in the Mormon Church. While raising my three boys, I came upon a strong desire to make drastic changes in the way I was parenting and relating to myself and others. With this desire, I came to a realization that I lost myself in childhood and religious programming. I reached a point after this realization that in order for me to regain a sense of self, I had to leave the Mormon Church as it was no longer aiding in my spiritual development.  

This decision was difficult, but when I chose to let go, my intuition increased dramatically. As many would call it- I had a spiritual awakening. In this awakening, I experienced many encounters demonstrating that this reality on Earth is only a small portion of our actual existence. 

I spent the next few years getting to know myself and my soul. I’ve learned how the divine communicates with me. I now dedicate myself and remain open to this communication in order to aid in other’s self discovery and healing from unbeneficial programming.

Some call this channeling, some call it mediumship, I like to refer to it as frequency communication- utilizing the body and current conscious state to communicate beyond physical perception. 



Deep down I think we all hope to find our true selves. How can I help you discover yours’?   

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Discovering yourself is the 

meaning of life

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